When “alternative care” became a “trend”, phrases like “Body, Mind & Spirit” and “Mind/Body Medicine” were sometimes misinterpreted. People believed they should work more on their “psyche” and the body’s physical needs were neglected. Rather than slowing down and nursing ourselves, we often depended on the power of our mind to pull our bodies through the daily demands. We all became very cerebral about our self-care. The result of that caused a renewed interest in things like psycho-therapy, past-life regression, channeling, astrology. Our curious minds went wandering and our bodies had to tag along.

At HERBAN AVENUES, we strive to strengthen the Mind/Body Connection to Wellness.

We believe more in the BODY/MIND pathway. If the body feels good, the mind works well and vice-versa. But you have to attend to the body first. So it’s about getting BACK TO BASICS. Decrease the amount of toxins, allergens, stress and irritants that you expose your body to. Increase the amount of nurturing, nutrition, relaxation and pleasure that you expose your body to. That’s where the herbs come into play. Herbs have been on this planet with us humans since Day 1. They’re what Nature intended. Herbalism insists that you take a warm bath, use a massage oil, light an aroma candle , drink a cup of tea or eat a green herb salad or soup to nurse yourself to recovery. The result of using herbs is that you feel calm, warm, nurtured, nourished. The herb plants and their aromas are beautiful and can unlock pleasure zones in the mind. The phytochemicals that they hold can help to balance your body’s chemistry which also results in a feeling of well-being. Herbalism addresses the body first but also holds interest for the mind and beauty for the soul. This is why at HERBAN AVENUES we devote our days to making BOTANICAL TREATS FOR YOU.

Many of the “personality traits” that we find unappealing may actually be caused by physical discomforts:

For instance a “sulky” person or “downer” is usually lacking in energy.A “whiner/complainer” often is dealing with aches, pains and/or fatique.A “rude jerk” is operating at a high tension level & needs stress relief.A “worry-wort” is often someone with an over-taxed nervous system

These negative behavior traits can be decreased if the body is treated properly. When you feel right, you act right. Little things don’t get in the way and obstacles become “challenges”. The mind works faster when you feel healthy. A positive outlook depends on a physical sense of well-being and vice-versa.

Your body is the home of your mind & soul. Without your body, your mind is helpless. So get your house in order! The rest will follow suit.