Poison Ivy Relief Lotion

We have been making handmade herbal products in VA for 12 years and not until we moved to Loudoun County were we able to
find so much Jewelweed in abundance near our home (previously we would have to visit friends in West VA or NC to forage for it). Jewelweed has a phyto-chemical in its leaves that can actually beat the urushiol (substance in the plant oils) of the poison ivy to your skin cell receptor sites and therefore block entry to your skin. So by rubbing the jewelweed plant (or a product like ours made from jewelweed) on your skin immediately after exposure, you can stop the rash from starting. If you get the lotion on too late......well, it will still deaden the itch (with mint and comfrey) and decrease the redness (with calendula) and keep your skin from getting infected (with anti-bacterial essences/extracts). Plus it's not oily or greasy and won't turn your skin flakey or pink! We get LOTS of repeat business on this product. Comes in a 2 oz bottle with a pump.

Price: $8.99