Stinging Nettles Leaf (taken in tea or tincture form)

Eyebright (tea or tincture) – for itchy, irritated eyes.


Flaxseed oil (taken with food or in a capsule) – Coats nerve cells and acts like a buffer to decrease the hypersensitivity that is associated with allergic reactions.

Stinging Nettles – Full of chlorophyll and minerals to give the body endurance to allergens.

Hot peppers – esp. cayenne

Horseradish or try wasabi!

Quercetin – Found in onion and apple rinds.

Turmeric Root – Found in curry powder. Stimulates the body’s release of its own cortisone.

HERBAN AVENUES has tinctures, teas and flaxseed supplements


Eucalyptus (inhale vapors from the essential oil or steam made from the dried herb in water)

Mullein Leaf – taken as a tea or in tincture form

Coltsfoot Leaf – Tea or tincture

Licorice Root (in moderation – not suggested for those with HBP, pregnancy, heart conditions) – Many benefits from a TRUE licorice candy (Dutch imports) or use the root to make a decoction.

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Lactobacillus Acidophilus – Pro-biotics found in yogurt and buttermilk.

Vitamin C – Best if you get it from foods and drinks (i.e. dehydrated raspberries).

Ginger (anti-viral for colds)

Lysine (shortens the duration of a cold if it is viral – reduces chances of cold sore occurrence)

Garlic (taken internally or applied with mullein in an oil form to help an ear infection)

Goldenseal Root (for sinus infection where mucous is green or dark yellow – Can be taken in tea or tincture form and can be used as a nose wash).

Echinacea (at the first sign of infection and for no more than 7 days)

Elderberry (if sinus infection or cold has drained into throat or chest ---i.e. sore throat or cough)


Ephedra – This drug causes the heart rate to accelerate and is contraindicated for many conditions. It cannot be used in conjunction with some pharmaceuticals. It is important to speak with a qualified herbalist to determine whether this herb is safe for you.

Co Enzyme Q10 – although this supplement is still being studied for this purpose. This enzyme is usually deficient in older people (not necessarily applicable to childhood asthma).

Coffee & Tea Cranberry Juice Licorice Root

Fennel Seed Turmeric Gingko Biloba


BEE PRODUCTS: Using local honey and especially eating the comb helps the body build resistance against pollen or “flower” allergies. Taking Bee Pollen granules helps build immunity to many allergies (Be careful with bee pollen if you have a lot of pollen related allergies. The reaction can be severe!)

CLEAN AIR: Keep the air clean with a HEPA FILTER and/or with potted houseplants that clean the air and produce good indoor oxygen. These HOUSE PLANTS include: ficus, spider plants, rubber plant, English ivy, Boston fern, dracaena, bamboo palm.

NOTE: HERBAN AVENUES is a distributor for the doctor recommended ALLERGY CONTROL PRODUCTS including: mattress & pillow covers and hepa filters of all kinds.

ROOIBOS TEA: An absolutely amazing health inducing tea! Seems to help with allergic conditions that are stress induced (especially allergic reactions that involve the skin). Safe even for babies!

# NATURAL SOLUTION FOR ALLERGIES: Stay away from the things you are allergic to!!



There are studies that strongly suggest that babies who are breast fed longer have fewer allergies. Conversely, babies who are fed certain foods too early in life end up with food allergies (which most often manifest as eczema and asthma). It’s tempting to give your 6 month old your “grown up” food when he/she reaches for it. Babies have a natural tendency to experience EVERYTHING by putting it into their mouths (be it your car keys or your doughnut). Please remember that you are in charge and keep “grown up” food out of their mouths.
When you switch your baby to solid foods, begin with simple, single foods and avoid spiced, processed, sweetened or complex foods (example: single/simple food = mashed carrots complex food = spaghetti sauce).

CHILDHOOD & BEYOND: Once your baby has been slowly introduced to the world of food---past single foods and onto complex foods, remember…….single foods are still the best (eat more fruit, grains and vegetables and less bread and sauces). But now it’s time to vary the diet. Although babies usually love lots of different foods, for some reason as we get older our tastes narrow. If left unchecked, you can quickly end up with a kid who will only eat 5 different foods (i.e. cereal, macaroni, hot dogs, French fries, chicken). This is bad news. This child will miss out on the many different types of nutrients and medicines in all the other foods. Many adults grow up from their selection of 5 foods to a selection of 25 but this is still far too limiting for the sake of their health. There are literally 1000’s of food substances on the earth and we should try to experience more of them in order to regain and maintain our health. If you haven’t eaten any seaweed or orange vegetables in awhile, consider yourself hereby challenged to give it a try!